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Graffiti Abatement in Salinas, CA

Welcome to the Salinas Graffiti Task Force!

graffiti [gruh-fee-tee]

Definition: graffiti [gruh-fee-tee]  graf·fi·ti: markings, as initials, slogans, or drawings, written, spray-painted, or sketched on a sidewalk, wall of a building or public restroom, or the like: Graffiti is evidence of the neighborhood’s decline.


The mission of the Salinas Graffiti Task Force (SGTF) is to “network business, residents, community groups and government in an effort to wipe out graffiti in the City of Salinas.” The Task Force was established in Winter of 2010 as a result of a huge spike in graffiti in the City of Salinas. Annually, more than $100,000 is spent on graffiti abatement.  They want to stop this act of  vandalism by criminals who have no respect for the property of others.

At the forefront of the success in addressing graffiti are a large number of private citizens that have volunteered their time and private resources. Folks like Cynthia Shaffer, Mark Zanko,  Caleb Randall, Don Jones, Kevin Lo, Tom Martella, Elena Lightbown and Greg Yancey have been true leaders. It is also worth thanking the many business and neighborhood groups that have collaborated as well. This includes the Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce, Oldtown Salinas Association, Core Surveillance, Navy Postgraduate School, and the Los Olivos – Riker Neighborhood Association. At the core of addressing graffiti is the City of Salinas Public Works   758-7922.  Anyone wishing to report graffiti should call the “hot-line” at (831) 758-7926.  Should you observe someone committing acts of graffiti vandalism, please contact the Salinas Police Department at (831) 758-7321.

Salinas City Councilman, Steve McShane’s, Citizens Engagement Application puts Salinas City Government in the palm of your hand with this ingenious application. Citizens are invited to report feedback on a host of issues including weeds, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, city code violations and more. The application is fast to download, easy to use and has a convenient photo reporting feature. Users have the choice to make their report anonymous. Salinas Councilman McShane was the first in Salinas and Monterey County, California to develop an application like this. Salinas City Councilman Steve McShane invites you to help in keeping Salinas, California and Monterey County both clean and safe.